The OxygenOS OnePlus Nord

OnePlus has just launched the new yet highly impressive Oxytone smartphones in India. Apart from its high end features, the company also packs in a lot of features in a very cost effective way. Here we list the few must have OxygenOS features in the Oxytone smartphones:

The first feature that has got everyone talking about the OxygenOS is the camera setup. The company claims to have taken inspiration from both smartphones and camcorders by providing a fully featured camera set up with all the connectivity options. The camera setup in the Oxytone includes a proximity sensor, optical image stabilization, dual LED flash, laser light capture, OLP laser autofocus and image stabilization. The price point of these cameras are quite low as compared to others in the segment and the Oxytone skins offer decent life span too.

The next Oxytone feature is its multi-window interface apple iphone 13 which lets you view the OS in portrait mode, landscape mode and also the video mode. The multi-window feature allows you to use your thumb to work out the menus which are present on the right and left panes of the phone’s large screen. OnePlus also boasts about the Adreno processor inside the smartphone which works on the main CPU and not on the touch screen.

The most impressive feature of the OxygenOS based on the Apple iOS operating system is the notification centre which helps one go through the different alerts and messages in one simple panel. This is in fact the first software of its kind that offers such a feature. The notification centre also provides links to the Gmail, Facebook and Twitter apps for e-mailing, chatting and uploading of files. One can synchronize his / her email list with the Gmail account and can upload all the mail contents from the Gmail storage to this handset. This can be done by installing the Gmail plug-in as well.

For those who use the Google Maps application, the OnePlus Nord will also support Google Places. With the use of this function, one can add places of his / her choice in the augmented reality environment of Google Maps. Moreover, the OxygenOS has the advantage of boasting a comprehensive set of cameras, namely the main 48mp camera, a six-megapixel primary camera, two-megapixel front-facing camera and a 5 megapixel rear-facing camera. The Axiom software also enables the use of the VoIP protocol which lets users make calls using their smartphones.

The OxygenOS features a symmetrical 2.5D curved edge design which is very similar to the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 Plus. It has a body that is curvaceous and sleek including a feature called the “hood”. This device is also made with one-handed operation facility and can be adjusted according to one’s individual preference. The OnePlus Nord has a symmetrical yet powerful hardware design which offers a high level of user control. The headphone jack which is present in the device enables one to listen to music, take a video and even interact with the email application.